Youtube Famous

Our entire broadcast group was split into three groups at the beginning of this week and each group randomly picked a CD which had the song that we had to make a music video for. First group received One Direction- What Makes You Beautiful, the second group picked Adele- Rumor Has It, and us, “the lucky group” out of luck got Carly Rea Jepsen- Call Me Maybe. This song is the song of Summer Journalism Institute and us five got it!

Today at two p.m is the deadline for the music video and we finished editing last night at about eleven thirty p.m. I do not know what I enjoy most about our music video; maybe it’s the fact that we made up our own dance to it, maybe it’s the fact that we were able to get random people to dance to it, maybe it is the part where Dominic did a voice over buzzing into the microphone as my phone “rang” in the video, or maybe my favorite part is when Brian (or teacher) danced with such enthusiasm to the song as he sang along. I am not sure what part of the video was my favorite all that I know is that I have a pretty good feeling that this would be a video on YouTube that gets one-hundred thousand views! (I will post the video once I get the link).


Learning Experiences!

Yesterday was by far the most stressful day of Summer Journalism Institute so far. It was our first broadcast show and none  of us knew what we were getting into.With all of the mistakes we made, cause yelling and fear built up inside of me. My job, to me seemed like the easiest job, considering the fact that I didn’t get yelled at by Brian and the only weight on my shoulders was if I do not stay on track with the anchors as they read, they mess up.I feel like the most confusing part when working the teleprompter is not knowing how to get to the next announcement. What I mean by this is, when a tape package appears in the script, it was hard for me to skip to the next thing the anchors are supposed to say because I had the fear of going to far ahead or not going far enough ahead. I loved that Brian would crack a joke whenever it would become very tense in the control room.  He would tease a asian student we have in the program Kim, about how much she loves bacon. I believe he did this because he felt horrible for yelling at us and he felt like it was his duty to keep everyone as calm as possible. After all, not all of us have developed as everyone in this industry says, “a thick skin”.

We finished our production right before diner, which by the way was the worst excuse for chinese food I have ever tasted! Have you ever heard of orange chicken meatballs? If you haven’t you’re one of the lucky ones because it was the nastiest thing I have ever tasted! Anyways, after diner we had to return the the Cronkite building for a lesson on radio. We talked to two radio stars who told us a couple of things we should keep in mind while writing our radio scripts. After learning many things we were put into groups and had to write nine different stories in one hour. Our group finished at an average time and returned to the dorms where we all started preparing for bed. I was relaxed until “check in time” where our councilors announced we had to return to the Cronkite building to email our scripts to Brian. My group was the last one here because three different people looked them over and it was really confusing. Me and my roommate Tynin returned to our room and 11:30 and didn’t get to bed until midnight. On the bright side it was a learning experience and I absorbed as much information as I could as I held my eyes open to prevent from falling asleep while learning.

Tours of CBS Radio

After dragging myself out of bed at five in the morning, we had to walk to CBS Radio where we met the talent, and received really good advice from both @ladyla and Charlie Huero ( I enjoyed the fact that they made us feel comfortable while we asked questions and sat in very huge intimidating chairs. Student Journalism Institute had the opportunity to watch a live radio broadcast and the talent also gave a shout out to us and those who tweeted about having the opportunity to be there.  




From Stress to Amazing Weekend..

After a crazy day filled with going out on shoots, Friday was a day filled with editing, editing, and more editing! I am used to going out, getting my footage, going to my editing room, editing my footage, and then with what I have I make a script, but this was different. They wanted us to (after we got all of our footage)  write a script and find sound bites to help us do so but since it was out of my comfort zone I found it rather confusing! It is a good thing I keep an open mind because instead of sitting in the room all alone, I sucked it up, did what I had to do, and finished my assignment before deadline so that was a major relief!

Around noon, way before we all finished writing our scripts (which were due at four), we went to what is famously known as Food Truck Friday. Food Truck Friday only occurs on Wednesdays and Fridays in Downtown Phoenix. The name says it all, it is a lot filled with food trucks cooking in the blazing hot desert sun selling a huge variety of food to those who want to be fed. When I was there I bought what I thought was similar to a Sonoran Hotdog, but was I wrong. I am not complaining because the hotdogs were pretty delicious but they were nothing compared to El Guero Canelo’s hotdogs. On the upside, we didn’t have to eat at Taylor Place like we do everyday so that was a plus.

After editing, eating, and more editing, many of the students left for the weekend besides Me, Tynin (my roommate/digital student), Gaby (friend from home/broadcast student), Sydnee (broadcast student), Crystal (broadcast student), Nathan (digital student), Dahyun (digital student), and Eduardo (digital student). After everyone left, we all went out to eat with two of our councilors, Anita, and her husband. The food wasn’t the best I have had but it was an amazing time with really amusing people. Which is how I could explain the weekend to come..

Reporting on Broadway

Today I went on my first, professional shoot. We shot an annual Broadway Camp where kids come to produce a small broadway show. It was super adorable watching kids (ages 4-6) prepare for what they want to do later in life, which is to be on stage while hundreds watch them disguise themselves as other characters. I felt most inspired when we interviewed a small group of girls, because they were so full of energy and enthusiasm for the arts. We filmed from 11 a.m until about 3 p.m and I learned “if you  want it, you should have it”. These words of inspiration not only inspired me with journalism but lit up the young future as well. All in all when I made my way back to the computer to edit my package will be about budget cuts with fine arts and how it affects the kids of the future.

While interviewing the young girls backstage